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The UK’s most outrageous, flamboyant and insane fancy dress party! It’s time to get creative.

After 33 sensational years of decadent glamour and out-and-out absurdity, Carwash has come of age again with fashion’s spotlight firmly back on high-voltage glitter and sparkle. Capturing the hedonistic spirit of decades past Carwash is the hottest place this summer to channel the independent spirit of the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s. 80s is the most common choice.

Straight from the catwalk and onto the streets, the time has come to express yourself with bold colour palettes, sashay in slinky jumpsuits, flaunt plunging Halston necklines and sizzle in Taxi Driver hot pants.

Neil Sansom, the promoter of Carwash, says, “It’s a RETRO club so it doesn’t have to be DISCO only. It does have to be groovy and colourful and you can draw from 80s, 90s and 00s. If you want to dress fancy dress then great, but imagine that you going out as a single ….. ”


To help you we have teamed up with the best in the business. Angels Fancy Dress are costumiers who have been dressing both West End Stars and the public for more than 170 years. They supply Hollywood and can find the perfect costume for you too! With a HUGE range of costumes, masks, wigs & makeup they have everything you need!


Central London Store – 119 Shaftesbury Ave | London WC2H 8AE | 020 7836 5678

80s Club Tropicana

Poolside glamour • 80s hair accessories • Asymmetric Hair Do’s • Pop socks • Colourful sunglasses

GO-GO Girls

Sexy Retro / Hippie • Uniforms • Hot pants and Short Sets • Mini dresses • Formula 1 Pit Lane Girls • Bunnies

Disco Divas

Catsuits • Short Sets • Glittery sexy tops • Feather boas • Quality bob wigs • Platform Boots & Heels

Fancy Dress Excess

Police • Mobster • Sailor • 20/30s • Army • Maid • School • Daisy Duke

Harlem Hustlers

Well cut retro suits • Fitted shirts with long collars • Platform shoes • Bling jewellery • Flared jeans and trousers

Retro Cool

Wide Collars • Flares

Miami Vice

Pastel suits with thin ties • Ray Ban sunglases • Chunky gold jewellery • 80’s excess


Sports Wear • 118118 • YMCA • Super Hero

*Please avoid: Blow up dolls, L-Plates and veils.