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Our Carwash recipe is a tasty combination of disco classics and remixes mixed with hands in the air 80s / 90s anthems, a dress the funk up attitude, spectacular décor and entertaining live performers for show stopping parties that will be the talking point of the year.

Situated in the heart of the West End, CARWASH is a sumptuous subterranean nightclub with three floors to explore. Home to the world famous CARWASH vibe, the main basement dance floor rocks with the sounds of hands in the air 70s, 80’s and 90’s pop anthems. Our vibrant soundtrack is a unique blend of disco, upbeat funk, soulful classics, old skool hip hop, shaken and stirred with generous doses of 80s pop, some 90s dance and the latest in nu-disco hits for a contemporary and fresh feel.

But that’s not all …

On the middle floor we present BOOM, which brings the best in RnB, Hip Hop, House and commercial chart hits. BOOM is a sophisticated playground with glamorous edges where that luxury bottle on ice is brought to your table while you enjoy the tip top tunes.

CARWASH vs BOOM. It’s the ultimate Saturday night experience, which room will you choose? Where will you lose yourself? Which DJ will drop the biggest tracks?

Each floor boasts its own unique vibe. CARWASH is a fun, wild retro mash up that attracts hundreds of colourful party people packing out a glorious under lit dance floor. Free giveaways and a frenzied carnival atmosphere are a guarantee! BOOM is glossy, sexy and intense. It’s hot ‘hot’ hot on the dance floor as clubbers bump and grind.

With top DJ’s and a great crowd, Carwash vs Boom is the ideal place to celebrate and cut some serious dance moves. Our dedicated team are on hand to help in any way that they can. Call 020 7493 1003.

Not content with packing out dance floors and resting on their award-winning laurels, Carwash also has a successful track record releasing Top Ten selling disco albums.

In 1998 we released The Carwash Experience with EMI and went on to generate hits across Europe and charting at No.1 in the album sales in Australia. This was followed by Carwash with Telstar TV in 2000 backed up with extensive TV advertising, also causing a sensation on the dance floors.

In November 2016 we released another hotly anticipated multi-disc compilation album Carwash Disco Classics with Sony Records, proving yet again we have our fingers firmly on the public pulse with the resurgent wave of interest in all things disco inspired.


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