28th Birthday

We Present 80s Electric Youth on Sat 25th November – Come back to the future, dust off your leg warmers and tease up your hair. A vibrant decade of bold styles, soft pastels and dark silhouettes. We are visiting the birth of the electronic age. Batteries Not Included.

It’s been 28 years and we ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. We are going back to the days of pop kings, club queens and glossy big hair. Find some leg warmers, muscle shirts or leggings to wear. A party to celebrate the best decade yet. You can even show up in a little red Corvette. The music is sure to be loud and great. And you are welcome to bring your friends or a date. Leg Warmers. Shoulder Pads and Big Perms are a must. Oversized Jewellery. Lycra. Tutus. Petticoats or Bust.

28th Birthday Party – 80s Electric Youth

Think …
Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Spandau & all that is Romantica.
Miami Vice, Sable Carrington vs Alexis Colby.
Ferris Bueller, Gordon Gekko, The Breakfast Club & the Terminator.

Remember …
Baywatch, The A-Team or the Ghostbusters
Kids from FAME, Madonna, Cyndi & Studio Line Hair.

Dress …
in Neons or Rubiks cube colours.

Come …
as the 80s Electric Youth

Pick n Mix
£ 50*

Table Area reserved all night. Select one item from ‘Refreshment’ and another from ‘Fill Me Up’ then your bundle is ready!

• Refreshment
· 8x Bottled Beers
· 2x Cocktail Jugs
· 3x Bottles of House Wine (Red or White)
· 8x Single Spirit & Mixers

• Fill Me Up
· 1x Classic Sharing Platter
· 10x Cupcakes

£ 150*

• Table Area reserved all night

• 1x Bottle of Spirit + Mixers (Eristoff, Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, Beefeater)

• 3x Giant Pornstar Martinis (Balanced as pyramid with flaming passionfruits!)

• 1x Classic Food Platter

£ 200*

• Table Area reserved all night

• 10x Bubbly Reception

• Ultimate Bath Tub Sharer (Includes 1x Bottle of either Vodka or Rum + A Magnum of Bubbly, mixed at your table & served with dry ice & bubbles)

• 10x Bath Bombs (Jager, Cointreu or Vodka, served with Red Bull)

• 2x Classic Food Platters

£ 400*

• Table Area reserved all night

• 2x Bottles of Premium Spirits + Mixers

• 2x Bottles of Champagne

• 10x Shots (Jager, Tequila or Vodka)

• 2x Classic Food Platters

Table Waiting List
£ 50

• When our tables sell out, which happens frequently, you have the option of putting your group onto our waiting list for as little as £50.

• We will then prioritise your group for the first available table. You can enjoy your £50 bar tab while you wait.

Cocktail Class
£ 30*

• Welcome Drink on arrival

• Fun lesson in mixology

• A ‘behind the bar’ session to make & drink 2 of your own

• Shots provided during games

• Food Platters to share (as above)

• Time to chill out and enjoy your creations

£ 15 - 45

NYE Entrance & 5 Course Meal – Pre-Starter, Starter, Main Course, Dessert & Finale
17:00 Sit Down: £15.
18:00 Sit Down: £20.
19:30 Sit Down: £30.
21:00 Sit Down: £45.

3 Course set menu
Contact office to view menus
Automatic entry into club to continue your party

Optional Extras
£ 25*

One of the following:

• Bottle of Prosecco

• Bottle of Cava

(Minimum spend of £100 please before you can add something extra)